Project objectives

To reach the overall objective, the research has the following specific objectives, to:

  • Develop new time-series and signal processing based identification techniques, which are suitable with uncertainties (both noise and model) and time varying situations.
  • Develop combined strategies based on high- low frequency signals and smart sensors to detect appropriate damage.
  • Develop WSN based protocol for health monitoring and control of wind turbines.
  • Develop multibody based efficient numerical models for system identification and for modelling damage in blades and validate with test data from a real turbine blade.
  • Identify aerodynamic loads on turbine during unsteady aerodynamic conditions.
  • Develop finite element (FE) based modelling of foundations to account for blade-tower coupling and soil-structure interaction.
  • Develop time-frequency based semi-active vibration control strategies using liquid dampers to control tower/nacelle, blade vibrations under time varying parameters/conditions.
  • Develop semi-active control strategies for the stabilization of offshore turbines.
  • Develop fracture mechanics based model for damage in laminate composites for application to optimized design.