The SYSWIND Summer School 2011 will be held in the Radissson BLU Limfjord Hotel in Aalborg, Denmark.


The Radisson BLU Limfjord Hotel is located in the centre of Aalborg, near shopping and recreation facilities and only 15 minutes from the airport.



We negotiated a special Summer School rate for the Radissson BLU Limfjord Hotel. Please use the Booking/block-reference: 1108SUMMER.


Hotel Radisson Blu Limfjord Hotel
Ved Stranden 14-16
9000 Aalborg C.
Denmark SE: 85 540514

The price including breakfast is DKK 955,- per room per night.

As a cheaper alternative we recommend the Cabinn Hotel Aalborg with rates starting at
485 DKK / 66€ for a single room including breakfast.


Fjordgade 20
9000 Aalborg
Phone: (+45) 96 20 30 00
Fax: (+45) 96 20 30 01


The Radisson Blu Limfjord Hotel is  located by the Limfjord and close to the city centre of Aalborg. The hotel's location is also adjacent to the famous pedestrian street Jomfru Ane Gade, with its charming cafés and taverns.

Please click on the map to get directions to the Radisson Blu Limfjord Hotel.


The Cabinn Hotel Aalborg is within walking distance of the Radisson Blu Limfjord Hotel (about 500m).



Please click on the map to get directions to the Cabinn Hotel Aalborg.

Public transportation, Aalborg Airport and the Aalborg Congress Centre are all close by.


Aalborg presents two of the great Nordic Masters of Modern architecture

At a time when Aalborg is redefining its identity in terms of culture and tourism, through outstanding architecture and the redevelopment of the harbourfront, the city is quite uniquely fortunate in that it can present the work of two of the great Nordic Masters of Modern architecture, Finnish Architect Alvar Aalto and Jørn Utzon, who actually grew up in Aalborg.

Alvar Aalto’s humane, nature inspired approach to modern design, established an international reputation for Nordic architecture, furniture and industrial design. Aalto’s famous glass vase being emblematic of his timeless approach, combining handicraft and industrial techniques, together with a honesty in the use of materials and sensuous organic form. Similarly Aalto’s architecture relates directly to its context and is often inspired by forms in landscape. Combined with this inspiration from nature, Aalto was fascinated by reinterpreting ancient architectural elements into modern buildings, as can be seen in the integration of an outdoor amphitheatre in the grounds of the Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art Aalborg.

Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art Aalborg - is Aalto’s only realised building in Denmark. The building has a powerful monumental character, as a composition of pristine forms of clear glass stepping up upon a podium of marble that builds up as an abstract landscape parallel with the hill behind.

Architectural light

Within the building, one becomes quickly aware of Aalto’s preoccupation and brilliance in bringing light into his architecture. Even on the most overcast days, light seems to flood into the interior, as if drawn in by the curving reflective forms of the architecture.

This way of sculpting with light can also be seen in the work of Jørn Utzon, most dramatically in the design of the interiors of the auditorium, “spidsgatterhallen” and library of the Utzon Center.

Jørn Utzon’s interests and work as an architect, a Nordic preoccupation with light, the inspiration of nature and landscape, as well as fascination with ancient architectural ideas and a profound concern for a humane approach to modern architecture echoes that of Alvar Aalto. Though Jørn Utzon worked only briefly for Alvar Aalto in Helsinki; the inspiration of Aalto’s work and his use of analogies and metaphors from nature has remained an influence upon Utzon throughout his career.

Utzon and Aalborg Shipyards

However Utzon further developed upon the work of Aalto and the ideas that defined Nordic architecture, through his extensive interest in the ancient architecture of the world and own unique approach to design that had been informed by the experience of boatbuilding in his youth in Aalborg. His father, Aage Utzon, was an engineer at the shipyards in Aalborg and a naval architect with an international reputation for designing yachts renowned for their speed and distinctive curvature of their stern forms, known as Spidsgatter. It was Jørn Utzon’s early experience of working with his father on the design of sailing boats and seeing the huge hulls of ships under construction in dry-dock, that was later to give him the formal language and also self-confidence to realise the huge boat-like roof-shells of the Sydney Opera House.

The unique genius of Utzon

is becoming increasingly appreciated, not least in recognition of his design of the most daring and now iconic monument of the twentieth century, the Sydney Opera House, but also in respect of his wide range of significant works of architecture.

Aalborg's new image

With the increasing international appreciation and interest in Utzon’s work, it is appropriate that the Utzon Center was built on the harbourfront of his hometown of Aalborg, in the maritime environment that inspired his early development. Since it was Utzon’s expressed wish that the Utzon Center should not be a museum, but an active and dynamic public venue for the display, development and discussion of architecture, design and art, it is most appropriate that the Utzon Center is established in conjunction with the Institute for Architecture and Design. In keeping with Utzon’s humane approach to architecture the Utzon Center is not designed as one monumental building, but as a series of pavilions built around a sheltered courtyard, so that is possible to sit outside near the harbourfront protected from the winds that, as Utzon remembers from his childhood, blow in off the water.

The Utzon Center will not only give people a place to be on the Aalborg harbourfront, but will like Utzon’s building in Sydney come to define the identity of the city and together with the art museum of the other great Nordic master architect Aalto, will put Aalborg firmly on the international architectural map.

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